Book-shopping in Herne Hill

I was lagging a bit during the week so I decided to check out Tales on Moon Lane this morning, a children's bookshop in Herne Hill. I was aware of its existence for a while but had no idea that it was so close to where I live. I usually order books online but you can't really beat being in a real live bookshop, especially this one because it has such a cosy atmosphere. I bought these books:
The expressiveness of Quentin Blake's line is something I'm always attempting to emulate in my own work, it looks oh-so-deceptively-simple but is actually almost impossible to pull off. I had to get another Mini Grey after reading about her this week and then I got greedy at the till and impulse-bought Up and Down. I couldn't help myself, it was arranged in an irresistible Forrero Rocher display behind the counter.