New York, New York

   Last week I was in New York. I had arranged a storytime event in my sister's local bookshop in Fort Greene, Brooklyn called Greenlight Bookstore. In a display of madness/true love, Mick came with me and dressed up as Bruno - he donned a colander, check shirt, white apron, red high-tops and had other, various paraphernalia including a magnifying glass. I dressed up as Mrs. Pinkerley, the octogenarian petshop owner whose shop Bruno buys Titch from. My not-so-trusty shoulder parrot keeled over early on in the session so he had to take a timeout, unfortunately, but other than that, my costume was more or less true to the story. We had a blast and the kids seem to enjoy it too. Photo credit to Mouhsine Idrissi Janati, who took these wonderful pictures.