October, November, December

A little update about the last couple of months. I illustrated a couple of chapter books, one was the sequel to the first "The Powers" book by Kevin Stevens. This second book in the series is called "Pucker Power," and it has nine dogs, a Persian cat and is set partly in Paris so it was a lot of fun to illustrate.

I think that one comes out in May and it's already had a lovely review in the Irish Times: 


Next was a book published by the Irish language press, An Gúm. It's called "Hubert" and it's a story about a little white imaginary bulldog and a boy called Gary.

December was a busy month of bespoke commissions, there's more info on these under the "Bespoke Commissions" section on the homepage or click here:  http://www.sheenadempsey.com/#/bespokecommissions/

Some are below.