Hello Mother...hello Father...Summer Camp 2015

Last week I ran a "Make Your Own Book" summer camp for kids aged between 7 and 11 in the conservatory at the East Dulwich Picturehouse. I had the most fantastic bunch of kids and we had so much fun. There were emerald cities, people perceiving other people as balls of fire, shrinking boys slipping into underworlds populated by strange, red-skinned citizens, piranha-breathing dragons, glorious golden keys, henhouse prisons, Yonderlands, courageous mice with too-large eyes, Harry Potter fan fiction, desolate 4D worlds, castaways, a white stallion called Halo and a spooky, booby-trapped house in a New Zealand forest. This week I'm back to my own work and confess that it seems a bit dull by comparison...

Some feedback from parents: 

"It was really great and Arbel enjoyed it tremendously" - Einav Avni 

"It was a brilliant course, she really enjoyed it, and she's very proud of what she produced" - Paul Tangney

"The girls were really excited when they came home and proud of their writing. This is the kind of children's activity that really develops a child's love for the creative process." - Ainslie Beattie