Lucky Draw Challenge is a collaborative weekly drawing project from Fabiana Santiago and I. 

It's a simple idea: we each pick an idea, put them together as a brief, then we interpret the brief separately and post on the same day. 

Please join in with us and ask your kids to too. Lots of other illustrators are. 

We post every Wednesday with the hashtag #luckydrawchallenge. Check the Facebook page and Instagram account for the following week's brief. 

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Scroll down to see some of my pictures pics below.

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Snowdog + Letter to Santa


Twin Llamas + Christmas Jumper 


Monkey + Librarian


Bearsharktopus + Killer Dolls + Mummy + Trick-or-Treat + Severed Head + Jack O'Lantern (I had a very busy few weeks and missed a couple of the briefs so I combined a few themes in one drawing!)


Hamster + Ghost School


Anteater + At the Dentist


Magical Unicorn + In Prison


Twin Penguins + Dance

penguins + dance.jpg

Carnivorous Plant + Circus

Carnivorous copy.jpg

Pug + Pizza-loving


Persian Cat + Television

Persian Cat Television.jpg


Shark + 1920s

Giant + Robot 

Witch + Detective (Novelist)

Poodle + Bike Ride

Mermaid + Movie Star

Lizard + Space

Gorilla + Waiter