PUCKER POWER by Kevin Stevens (Little Island) 

"...beautifully illustrated by Sheena Dempsey."  The Irish Times - 27th December 2014 

BRUNO AND TITCH - A Tale of a Boy and his Guinea Pig (Walker Books)

 "Their growing relationship, presented from Titch’s perspective, is charted humorously and sympathetically in text and illustration." The Irish Times - 20th September 2014 

The story of how they find each other and the adventures they have is beautifully written and illustrated by Sheena Dempsey...Titch is especially hilarious and the humour of the book complements Dempsey's illustrations. Children's Books Ireland - 1st September 2014

"Dempsey's drawings...are busy and endearing," The Times (Children's Book of the Week) - 9th August 2014

"Bruno and Titch...a sweet story about finding a friend." The Daily Express (Summer of Reading, the Best Picture Books and Children's Fiction) - 23rd July 2014

"Dempsey's insightful text and charming pen, pencil and watercolour illustrations are filled with intriguing details that will fuel conversations about what is involved in choosing a pet - as well as plenty of laughs. The charismatic Titch may well spark a guinea pig bubble; he's that cute." Kirkus Reviews - 25th June 2014

"Dempsey has something important to say about being empathetic, but she wisely keeps Bruno's epiphany offstage so readers don't feel clobbered by the message. Instead they get to see the result of Bruno's insight, which is far more fun and meaningful: an elaborate "guinea pig palace" designed and built by the boy himself, complete with a private "poo hut" and a fruit salad bar. The sense of relief and acknowledgement that the fretful Titch feels upon the big reveal...is the very definition of a happy ending."  Publisher's Weekly - 8th May 2014

Blog Reviews:

"Bruno and Titch by Sheena Dempsey was a fantastic book and the boys really enjoyed it. My two boys have asked to read it several times, and little Ned could have read it over and over again all day long...It's the story of a guinea pig who finds an owner who really is his new best friend. The book has some lovely illustrations and the story is wonderful...I'm just waiting to see what sort of junk models my children make for their pets as a result of this story." Being a Mummy blog - 20th September 2014

"Deadpan guinea pig humour (yes, really!) and fabulous illustrations full of new details upon each reading add something special to this tale about friendship, imagination and looking after pets. We especially loved Bruno's passion for invention, right down to the poster of Einstein by his bed." Playing by the Book blog - 19th September 2014



"Sheena Dempsey has had a fantastic idea about how to explore sibling jealousy in a light, true and humorous way." The Observer - 2nd April 2013

"While many versions of this familiar storyline are available, it's Dempsey's charming watercolor-and-pen illustrations that set this apart. The soft pale hues against white backgrounds create tender scenes that blends the wispy touch of Charlotte Voake and the sensibility of Jan Ormerod...A sure-fire hit; what Oliver would like to do with his sister should be next." Kirkus Reviews (starred review) - 1st March 2013

"This sweet little book should appeal to both boys and girls." Inis Magazine, 30th July 2013